Ginkgo Jam
Ginkgo Jam Number 18
In Situ, The View or You
Initiator: Grace
For this Jammie I would like you to create an image using something you love to look at inside your home, the view from a window in your home, OR what you see when you look in the mirror (this does not have to be YOU, it could be a reflection of something else). You may use any drawing program or medium; digital, traditional or (and here's a new twist) photographic (Upload will be enabled). Try to find an interesting composition--remember you can crop the view--we'll never know. You might try using reflections or other lighting elements to make your image unique and/or dramatic. Please give your image a title. You may enter three times. If you do more than three entries you'll have to pick your favourite three and delete the rest before the end of the contest.
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Wind and Sun by emigre Heirloom by horsefeather My 12 hour view by Swandieve
Wind and Sun Heirloom My 12 hour view

Ginkgo Jam Number 17
Old Yarn, New Spin
Initiator: Grafight
In this Jam, we're moving from Music to Literature. I would like Ginkgo artists to illustrate a scene from a favorite book or short story, but change something about the story.
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mayella Tells The Truth by grace NOT..Gone with the wind! by suzie Sabotaged? by qtgillie
Mayella Tells The Truth NOT..Gone with the wind! Sabotaged?

Ginkgo Jam Number 16
Score and Underscore
Initiator: KuteDymples
I want you to draw a picture of the person or band/group who has had the greatest impact on your life through their music. Your rendering can be anything from a realistic portrait to a more impressionistic or even abstract image; but I want the image to be of the musician(s), not an illustration of one of their songs. As a secondary theme of your composition, I want you to include a floral element. It could be a subtle background, a border, something like the camellia that singer Billie Holiday always wore behind her ear, or something purely symbolic to you. Be creative! Please include, in your artist's comment, either a story about this influence in your life or a link to some of their music online.
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Carlos Santana by Grafight Mance Lipscomb by Terracotta Sweet Soul by elly
Carlos Santana Mance Lipscomb Sweet Soul

Ginkgo Jam Number 15
My Artistic Muse
Initiator: Swandieve
Choose an artist that has been influential in your life, or that you admire, and draw something in the style of that artist. You can attempt to copy one of their works, or draw something original that is inspired by him/her, or in his/her style. The artist doesn't have to be a famous artist like Van Gogh, and in my opinion, the lesser-well-known, the better! It can also be an illustrator, a modern artist you know online, and I'd like to open this contest up to fine art photography, as well (by taking a photo in the style of a photographer you admire, not by drawing/painting a photo). If you can't think of an artist, this is the perfect time to do some research and get inspired! Or better yet, visit your local art museum or gallery.
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Liberty Lives by KuteDymples Dance Me to The End of Love by Grace JMW Turner by Swandieve
Liberty Lives Dance Me to The End of Love JMW Turner

Ginkgo Jam Number 14
Light and Reflection
Initiator: elly
You may draw anything - any style, technique or subject, but I want to see light and reflections. Bright lights with high contrasts, like a bolt of lightning in a dark, stormy sky, or the bright, silver lining on a cloud. How about light bouncing through a glass of wine or a beam of light hitting a pair of sunglass lenses just right? You might draw the reflection of glasses in the surface upon which they sit or the reflection of bright clouds in a body of water. Get the idea?
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Mist by Swandieve Blue Glass for Suzie by Grace Sunset reflections by elly
Mist Blue Glass for Suzie Sunset reflections

Ginkgo Jam Number 13
Unusual Rooms
Initiator: bakenius
In this Ginkgo Jam you are asked to draw an usual room of a really haphazardly built apartment building. Maybe the room is housed by a wizard, a mermaid, a vampire, an alien, a priest, a shaman, a king, or just the most dull person you can think of. It's totally up to you, and you may draw as much rooms as you like. You get points for originality of chosen subject, and points for the execution. How well does the interior speak of the person living in it? And if the person of the room is present, what does he/she/it do? Does the room tell a compelling story? Remember, the exact size of your chosen canvas is the exact size of the room, it's a frontal split view (think of a doll house) so no ambitious use of perspective! Once the Jam is over I'd like to make a compilation by combining all the drawn rooms into one big Ginkgo house!
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
...and she waits... by elly A Roomful of Divorced by Grace Puzzle room by suzie
...and she waits... A Roomful of Divorced Puzzle room

Ginkgo Jam Number 12
Pun Fun
Initiator: Igiveup
Those of you who play at I-Sketch may be familiar with the user-created Pundits room. Although sometimes the puns are pretty lame, many are brilliant. For this Jam I'd like you to think of one that belongs to the latter category and draw it. It can be a word, phrase, song-title or whatever you fancy. For instance, you could take the term "Nightmare" and draw a horse(mare) in the night, or whose body was drawn with stars and night sky. Or you could take the term "Heaven Sent" and draw a penny(cent) with angels on it. Let your imaginations run wild.
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
An Eye Catcher by bakenius Book Worm by suzie Drag Racing by vere
An Eye Catcher Book Worm Drag Racing

Ginkgo Jam Number 11
Initiator: Swandieve
I think most of us have, at one time or another, dreamt of illustrating a children's book, or any book. Now here's your chance to put your fingers where your mind is! Draw something from your mind inspired by a poem or story, whether you've written it or not. It doesn't have to be only suitable for children, either. You can choose to include the writings, or just put a short description of it.
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Achter de wolken schijnt de zon, part 2 by Igiveup in Just by Grace The Blue Fairy by Kathy
Achter de wolken schijnt de zon, part 2 in Just The Blue Fairy

Ginkgo Jam Number 10
Back to Basics
Initiator: Grace
Do a pencil drawing (not coloured pencils, please). You may use charcoal, graphite, and/or white chalk as well. Make it a simple line drawing or go crazy with lights and darks and lots of shading. You can do it with a digital program or real pencils - scan and upload. If you draw digitally, just try to make it look, as much as possible, like a drawing using those basic mediums would look. Subject matter and style are entirely up to you. Do as many entries as you like. This Jammie ends at Midnight, Ginkgo Time on April Fool's Day! Let the fun begin!
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Self Portrait by Swandieve elly at age 2 by elly Baby by suzie
Self Portrait elly at age 2 Baby

Ginkgo Jam Number 9
Asian Inspired Art
Initiator: djramz
The subject matter that I have chosen for this Jam is Asian inspired art. I especially would love to see things done in the style of the woodblock prints or sumi-e style brush paintings that you can find on Google or Wikipedia, but really anything with an Asian influence will qualify (even manga or anime).
1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
Two Cichlids by Grace Terracotta Soldier of Xian by gandalf Secret Place by Suntan
Two Cichlids Terracotta Soldier of Xian Secret Place

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