Angelina Jolie-Beowulf For the week ending: 29 - 03 - 2008
Title: Angelina Jolie-Beowulf
Judge's Comment: "I choose STARZSHINE's piece 'Angelina Jolie-Beowulf'. Seeing this piece for the first time blew me away. The lighting on Angelina's face is fantastic and I absolutely love how she managed to get such soft, even looking skin with such wonderful gold lighting. It looks like STARZSHINE put a lot of effort into this drawing and it really paid off. Congratulations on your GGA!" - horsefeather
Sinking For the week ending: 22 - 03 - 2008
Artist: horsefeather
Title: Sinking
Judge's Comment: "I am choosing Horsefeather's Sinking for this week's Golden Ginkgo Award. There is something quite intriguing about this drawing that kept me coming back to look at it more closely. The colors of the water show depth and the bubbles add a nice effect along with the beams of light shining down on the body of the woman. Her dress is fantastic with all the different shades and creases. I think Horsefeather did an excellent job on this! Congratulations!" - Kathy
Cat For the week ending: 15 - 03 - 2008
Artist: Kathy
Title: Cat
Judge's Comment: "I'd like to nominate Kathy and her Cat drawing. Beautiful pencil work and the fact that pencil work is new to her and that she is willing to risk doing something new and sharing it with others is fantastic. I really like the intensity of the cat's face - she really captured emotion in the animal." - Binarimon
FixYorHed For the week ending: 08 - 03 - 2008
Artist: Binarimon
Title: FixYorHed
Judge's Comment: "For this weeks GGA I've chosen FixYorHed by Binarimon. His Robot-series show such great imagination, I love all of them but this is my very favourite. One can look at them for ages and still find new details. The colours, the random numbers and the deliberately distorted perspective of these pieces account for a unique and very creative style." - Igiveup
No Title For the week ending: 01 - 03 - 2008
Artist: Igiveup
Title: No Title
Judge's Comment: "My pick for the GGA is 'No Title' by Igiveup. Few paintings have impressed me like this one. The combination of 'The Scream' and 'Starry Night' is creative genius, a juxtaposition filled with meaning and expression. There is no number of words which can express feeling like this painting does: the vertigo, the pain, even the endless sound can be somehow felt. Yet, despite all the suffering, the colors and textures are incredibly beautiful, perhaps underlying the hope for healing and creating an amazing paradox. This is ART at its best!" - Grafight
Uchiha Sasuke For the week ending: 23 - 02 - 2008
Artist: Grafight
Title: Uchiha Sasuke
Judge's Comment: "I choose Grafight's Uchiha Sasuke. I totally love everything about it. I love the contrast from foreground to background, I love the subject matter, and I love the execution. Awesome picture!" - djramz
Edward Scissorhands For the week ending: 09 - 02 - 2008
Artist: djramz
Title: Edward Scissorhands
Judge's Comment: "I find this style of drawing/painting fascinating. How the brain makes sense of the cell shading, allowing us to see it as being correct. Almost comic looking, yet film cell too. The depicted characters unusual personality really comes across in the piece. dj possesses the talent of making this style of drawing look very easy when I know from experience it is not! Congratulations on your GGA for this week"-suzie
Scruff For the week ending: 02 - 02 - 2008
Artist: suzie
Title: Scruff
Judge's Comment: "For this weeks GGA, I've chosen Suzie's draw, "Scruff". I'm quite impressed with the short amount of time it took Suzie to achieve the amount of detail she did in this piece! I also get a good sense of this little dog's personality from it's eyes! Suzie's use of light and shadow really bring this draw to life! Way to go on such a spectacular piece and Congratulations Suzie!" - elly =)
Red Rose For the week ending: 26 - 01 - 2008
Artist: elly
Title: Red Rose
Judge's Comment: "I choose Elly's rose for this week's GGA. I think it is quite intricate and detailed, and quite beautiful to look at. I believe she must have put a great effort into that picture." - djramz
Zooey For the week ending: 12 - 01 - 2008
Artist: djramz
Title: Zooey
Judge's Comment: "I chose this piece to be awarded this weeks GGA for the quality and skill that djramz exhibited in this unique style of drawing. The crisp lines which separate the colors are perfectly placed to capture the subject's features and likeness. The pose with that look in her eyes is very inviting to the viewer and a very pleasant draw all around. Congratulations, djramz!" - elly

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