Thank You :) For the week ending: 07 - 06 - 2008
Artist: emigre
Title: Thank You :)
Judge's Comment: "I am so impressed with this drawing. It has such depth and power and is so bold. The subject matter is immediately recognizable and evokes such a mood and stong emotional response. Stylistically, I love the suggestive, impressionistic lack of detail. I enjoy the sense of energy in the quality of line and stroke, as though it were done with such speed and sureness of hand. Congratulations, emigre, on a wonderful drawing." ~grace
In Defense of Shi Painter For the week ending: 31 - 05 - 2008
Artist: grace
Title: In Defense of Shi Painter
Judge's Comment: "I pick 'In Defense of Shi Painter' for this week's winner. Grace, aside from the fact that you have proven the quality of the Shi Painter program, you have painted one of the most beautiful drawings I've ever seen. And to think you don't like drawing flowers, wow!! The colors and sharpness of the flowers are stunning. The blur'd background and bark with the light touching it so softly is outstanding. I believe we all enjoyed this drawing. I give you a ton of credit to spend so much time on a subject that isn't one you enjoy most to draw, to prove it can be done here. Grace, your work is jaw drop'n spectacular. Congrats to you, Grace. This drawing really deserved this weeks Ginkgo award." - REECREATIVEDESIGNS
Ya ole buzzer For the week ending: 24 - 05 - 2008
Title: Ya ole buzzer
Judge's Comment: "Ree's drawing here looks so much like an oil painting, it's phenomenal. The background makes it reminiscent of portrait paintings, and I love how the flower is the subject in the foreground, almost as if it has a personality of its own. With its petals down, it does look a bit unhappy, and then we see the bee is coming along to save it. But I most like the technique-- the bee is nearly blending into the background, save for some sketchy lines that show us it is, indeed, a bee. The petals look soft and sketchy, like colored pencils, and this complements very nicely with the hard dabs of 'paint' in the center. I also appreciate how the background isn't all blurred out. And then the color selection makes it all pop out at us. Very nice." -- Swandieve
a snowcapped mountain For the week ending: 17 - 05 - 2008
Artist: Swandieve
Title: a snowcapped mountain
Judge's Comment: "This piece provoked so much soul searching and heart felt emotion this week. Not only is it a creative, ingenious depiction of the human form, but it also renders deep feelings for many here at Floating Ginkgo. My feeling is that it has created some bonding of the people who grace these pages, as I have not felt on line for a very long time. This painting reaches into the lives of those who view it. Congratulations Swandieve!" - qtgillie
Hello World For the week ending: 10 - 05 - 2008
Artist: qtgillie
Title: Hello World
Judge's Comment: "There is a drawing that kept pulling me back to view over and over again, Hello World. Every time I looked at this drawing, this adorable, loving, precious little baby's face stole my heart. I smiled, felt a warmth in my heart and couldn't help but to think about how precious life is. Hello World's face is so darn cute! Laura, you've done an exceptional job of expressing so many feelings in one drawing and for that I've decided on Hello World for this week's GGA. Congrats to you!" - REECREATIVEDESIGNS
Tweet, tweet, tweetie tweet For the week ending: 03 - 05 - 2008
Title: Tweet, tweet, tweetie tweet
Judge's Comment: "I choose 'Tweet, tweet, tweetie tweet' By Ree. I fell in love with that picture as soon as I saw it, he's so sweet and looks ready to sing." - Fuzzy
This lady bugs me For the week ending: 26 - 04 - 2008
Artist: Fuzzy
Title: This lady bugs me
Judge's Comment: "I would like to pass on my Golden Ginkgo Award to Fuzzy this week, for her ladybird draw. I chose it because of the amount of effort that went in to it and the wonderfully detailed finished result." - flubbles
Black and white girl! For the week ending: 19 - 04 - 2008
Artist: flubbles
Title: Black and white girl!
Judge's Comment: "I think flubbles should get the Golden Ginkgo Award for the Black and White Girl piece in Studio One because it shows a great amount of detail and a good understanding of how the face can scrunch up. It has captured an emotion that I often see on my little sister's face, and I think he did an amazing job on the shading for the left side of the face. I'm also impressed with the overall texture of the drawing." ~Vere
Shane For the week ending: 12 - 04 - 2008
Artist: vere
Title: Shane
Judge's Comment: "'Completely wonderful'. That's what I thought when I saw 'Shane' and why I chose it for this week's Golden Ginkgo Award. Vere's work has a wonderful feel to it, rich with layers of hair, clothing, shadow and light. I am particularly drawn to to the subtlety of it all, but especially the play of light and dark. I love the way the tone gradation plays on her face and molds her features and the striking dark contours around the mouth and nose. It's just so beautifully done. Congratulations, vere, on your GGA and this 'completely wonderful' piece! :)" - Suntan Suntan
Swinging Moods! For the week ending: 05 - 04 - 2008
Artist: Suntan
Title: Swinging Moods!
Judge's Comment: "I pick 'Swinging Moods!' by Suntan. I love the way she did a series of face changes, simple moods, nice line draws but very interesting presentation. I think the presentation and the movement is what struck me the most about the piece. Nice work all the way around." - STARZSHINE

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