Lunar Eclipse For the week ending: 16 - 08 - 2008
Artist: Christine M B
Title: Lunar Eclipse
Judge's Comment: "I choose Lunar Eclipse from Christine MB for the Golden Ginkgo Award. First of all I like the light in this drawing and the fast building of it. I just came back from the Musée d'Orsay where I saw the lemon (Manet Lemon) and the asparagus Manet drew, and this eclipse could also be a peach or a melon. I like the fact that the largest and smallest things can have the same impact and importance in a painting. Congrats for this one Christine ! Excellent work :)" - emigre
After the storm For the week ending: 09 - 08 - 2008
Artist: emigre
Title: After the storm
Judge's Comment: "I found myself coming back to look at this painting again and again. It's one of those pieces that draws me right into it; I feel as though I am in that 5th floor apartment looking down on the rooftops of Paris. I can smell the rain in the air and feel the thrill I always get from finding a rainbow in the sky. I admire the quick yet deft way in which Emi has drawn all the angles and shapes to create a feeling of urban complexity and the wonderful sense of distance and depth she has achieved. I love the muted colours of the passing storm and the slightly out-of-focus raindrops on the window glass. ~ grace"
Strider/Aragorn For the week ending: 02 - 08 - 2008
Artist: grace
Title: Strider/Aragorn
Judge's Comment: "Despite the fact that there were many great draws to choose from this week, I don't think there will be any arguments over the winner. Even though it was a special request (by me!), I picked this draw because it knocked all of our socks off ... the 'Oh Wow-o-Meter' went right off the charts! Because of its amazing realism, wonderful lighting, and the justice the draw did to its subject matter, I choose 'Strider/Aragorn' by Grace as this week's Golden Ginkgo Award Winner. Congratulations and keep those marvelous portraits coming, Grace!" - Meno
It's a Plastic World For the week ending: 26 - 07 - 2008
Artist: Meno
Title: It's a Plastic World
Judge's Comment: "This week there were 55 drawings in Studio 1, 18 drawings in Studio 2 and 4 drawings in studio 3, for a total of 77 drawings - making it near impossible to choose just one that stands out from the others. There are so many well deserving draws. The one I finally chose was "It's a Plastic World", by Meno. Not only was this a thought provoking image, it was so well executed by an artist that is growing by leaps and bounds with each new thing she tries. It is an honor to have her wit and growing artistic ability among us." -- qtgillie
Under Her Protection For the week ending: 19 - 07 - 2008
Artist: qtgillie
Title: Under Her Protection
Judge's Comment: "I chose qtgillie's 'Under Her Protection' as this week's Floating Ginkgo Award. Her painting captured the beauty and gentleness of the mother giraffe and her baby. The colors are rich and vibrant and I also was impressed by her use of the texture tools to enhance their fur. This painting is one that makes me smile each time I look at it. Great job Laura, I enjoy all of your work!" --Kathy
And Your Little Dog Too! For the week ending: 12 - 07 - 2008
Artist: Kathy
Title: And Your Little Dog Too!
Judge's Comment: "Congratulations, Kathy! This is a very difficult job but out of more than 60 pieces of truly fantastic art this week, your .."and your little dog, too" ..was the one that kept me coming back for more! I love the realism of the piece, your shading is fabulous, the pose, with her hand exactly poised and her mouth looks like the words of your title have just left her tongue!...and I don't know, if it is a happy little accident of intentional, but I can make out barely discernible flying monkey faces in the background! A very nice touch! I've enjoyed all of your work, but the ability you have acquired, (before my very eyes practically!) to create a likeness is something I greatly admire and aspire to. Best of luck with your future in art!" ~Suntan
Sailing the Zephyr Home.. For the week ending: 05 - 07 - 2008
Artist: Suntan
Title: Sailing the Zephyr Home..
Judge's Comment: "There were over 80 drawings to choose from! Makes it a very difficult task to pick one but how great to see so much terrific work here! I finally narrowed it down to three and then went with Suntan's drawing. I love the dramatic lighting, the colours, especially of the water and the sunlight coming through the sail, the loose, impressionistic style throughout. I think the best thing about this painting, though, is what I love about all good land or sea scapes; they have the ability to draw you into the scene; you can almost feel the spray on your face and smell the salty air. Wonderful work, Suntan. Congratulations! ~grace"
Remember For the week ending: 28 - 06 - 2008
Artist: grace
Title: Remember
Judge's Comment: "For this week's GGA, I pick grace's picture from Studio 2 entitled "Remember". The lighting is lovely. I like how there are some elements of realism and then there is a looser, more painterly style for the clothing, background, etc." - flubbles
No Title For the week ending: 21 - 06 - 2008
Artist: flubbles
Title: No Title
Judge's Comment: "This picture is a wonderful depiction of a lazy summer day by the lake. The drawing perfectly captures the essence of such a day - the bright sun in the sky, the rays shining softly down, the calm waves in the deep blue water, the buildings in the distance contrasting the hectic pace of life with the calmness of the lake, the dark shadows cast by the sun, the footprints in the sand indicating that a lot of happy people were there earlier, and the 2 lone figures resting on the bench capturing the last rays of sun before leaving. But what truly makes this drawing spectacular is the glare on the water, so masterfully rendered that it makes you feel as though you are right there on the lake, feeling the brightness of the sun, the warmth of the rays and the beauty of the day. Congratulations flubbles :D" - jpjp1052
Sticky For the week ending: 14 - 06 - 2008
Artist: jpjp1052
Title: Sticky
Judge's Comment: "I pick this for this week's Ginkgo Award, not only because you refer to a great pictural movement i like much, the Impressionnism, but also because all of this is technicaly perfect for a life rendering ! I like the colors you chose that give a soft light, like in Manet's still lifes. And i love these textures that come to life with your precise brush strokes. I admire this easy looking drawing. VERY YUMMY icing and bun :) and so well done : congrats jpjp ! *emi :)*"

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