Pirate's Totem Pole For the week ending: 25 - 10 - 2008
Title: Pirate's Totem Pole
Judge's Comment: "For this week's GGA I choose "Pirate's Totem Pole" by STARZSHINE. I think this image shows creativity and great use of the tools from the Chibi Paint applet. She has captured the spirit of Halloween. The elongated canvas size is unique and very fitting for this image. Starz is an amazing artist and this is a great representation of her art. Bravo Starz!" - qtgillie
Rise and Shine For the week ending: 18 - 10 - 2008
Artist: qtgillie
Title: Rise and Shine
Judge's Comment: "This week's GGA award goes to qtgillie for "Rise and Shine". Her hard work is obvious in this detailed moment of a baby elephants awakening. This drawing gives me a sense of a mother's love and care for her young and the eagerness of the young one to take his mother's encouraging prompt and attempt to stand as she does. The artistic details that QT has used give this both a realistic and painterly look about it, which isn't always so easy! QT has paid much attention to details in all fore, middle, and back grounds, utilizing the texture and dodge tools to her advantage. Congratulations, QT for a wonderful and inspiring piece!" - elly
Falling into the season For the week ending: 11 - 10 - 2008
Artist: elly
Title: Falling into the season
Judge's Comment: "I chose elly's drawing "Falling into the season". First it is timely and glorious to look upon. The mono colouring pallet is calming and the scene makes you want to step into it with a book of choice to read, a pad to sketch, quiet meditation, to doze or just breath in nature. It invokes those thoughts in me. Her work is done beautifully. I have seen the reference photo, and she could not have done a better job." - Babs
Garden Moments For the week ending: 04 - 10 - 2008
Artist: BabsBlueEyes
Title: Garden Moments
Judge's Comment: "For this week's GGA, I pick 'Garden Moments' by BabsBlueEyes. I think she did a great job on this draw, and has shown a lot of growth and improvement on her draws." - sparky7
"Cypress Trees" Georgia For the week ending: 27 - 09 - 2008
Artist: sparky7
Title: "Cypress Trees" Georgia
Judge's Comment: "I choose "Cypress Trees" Georgia, by sparky7. I think she did a wonderful job on this painting. I really like the colors used and the great reflections on the water. It has a lot of warmth and charm. This picture has shown a great deal of growth with her talent as well as learning the applets. So congratulations sparky!" - STARZSHINE
Sunset Delight For the week ending: 20 - 09 - 2008
Title: Sunset Delight
Judge's Comment: "I have chosen STARZSHINE's Sunset Delight as this week's GGA winner. Not only is the picture amazingly accurate in every detail but is also brilliantly presented. Nature provides so much in the way of art and Starz has captured it perfectly in this wonderful display. It reminds me of just how beautiful and inspiring our world is around us. Thank you for sharing your awesome talent with all of us here at FG. Congratulations!" - gel_o
Go Navy For the week ending: 13 - 09 - 2008
Artist: gel_o
Title: Go Navy
Judge's Comment: "Congratulations gel. Your painting of the Navy jet fighter appealed to me very much. Not only is it well done, with your beautiful background and the lone fighter..all wonderful on their own, but the personal story behind it made it "soar" for me. I could feel the love, you left there, in your painting. Well done, you did a wonderful job, and just this once, I will join you and say "Go Navy!"..but don't tell my Army family. ;) Congratulations, again~! Suntan"
I Made the Muffins...Someone Make the Tea.. For the week ending: 06 - 09 - 2008
Artist: Suntan
Title: I Made the Muffins...Someone Make the Tea..
Judge's Comment: "I choose Suntans 'I Made the Muffins...Someone Make the Tea..' for this week's GGA. I like the unusual pen effect style. I find this work very eye catching.. It's simple yet interesting.. a fun painting." - katski
Arora For the week ending: 30 - 08 - 2008
Artist: katski
Title: Arora
Judge's Comment: "For this week's Golden Ginkgo Award, I had to go with Katski's Arora. I think what made my decision was the originality, the nice graphic quality that it had and the fantasy theme, which is not done too much here. It was a breath of fresh air, with a nice composition and fun, bright colors. I do believe she is new here and I think that this shows some promise of great things to come. I really loved the face on her mermaid. Nice attention to detail as an overall drawing. So, congrats katski!" - STARZSHINE
Soul Calibur Darth Vader For the week ending: 23 - 08 - 2008
Title: Soul Calibur Darth Vader
Judge's Comment: "I have chosen 'Soul Calibur Darth Vader' by Starzshine for this week's GGA. There were a lot of challengers, but the reasons for my choice are these... The accuracy of the drawing. The way the background is drawn out of focus, so that there seems to be a very narrow depth of field, almost photographic. I also think that the amount of effort that has gone into blending and building light and shade and texture is phenomenal. Everything works in this drawing. I'm not a Star Wars fan, but this is great." - Christine M B

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