Ruffle Your Lips and Blow For the week ending: 15 - 07 - 2006
Artist: Suntan
Title: Ruffle Your Lips and Blow
Judge's Comment: "The simple, delicate treatment of the subject matter made it real to me." -Nullig
Where are the waffles? For the week ending: 08 - 07 - 2006
Artist: suzie
Title: Where are the waffles?
Judge's Comment: "I love the rich colours and the beautiful golden glow from within. Excellent highlighting. This piece had me craving pancakes for days afterwards." -Nullig
Slowly Steals the Light For the week ending: 01 - 07 - 2006
Artist: Opium
Title: Slowly Steals the Light
Judge's Comment: "I loved watching the animation. It seems like the artist is making a big leap into a new phase of painting. I think it's one of the best portraits I've seen." -Grace
Find that File For the week ending: 01 - 07 - 2006
Artist: bakenius
Title: Find that File
Judge's Comment: "What appealed so much to me in this picture were; the tension created by the curved bookshelves leaning over the child, the great sense of depth and the wonderful contrast between those elements and the soft bright pastel colours of the innocent child figure." -Grace
Mystique For the week ending: 24 - 06 - 2006
Artist: Dante
Title: Mystique
Judge's Comment: "Great colours. Great highlighting. And most of all I just love how the picture gives one the impression of bold oil-painting brush strokes." -Grace
Peaceful For the week ending: 17 - 06 - 2006
Artist: davincipoppalag
Title: Peaceful
Judge's Comment: "This piece just made me want to drift into the sunset at a slow, leisurely pace, enjoying it's warm glow." -Nullig
Bad Mood For the week ending: 10 - 06 - 2006
Artist: suzie
Title: Bad Mood
Judge's Comment: "It's an excellent macabre shocker of a picture. An amazing use of the drawing tools to achieve such realistic bone colouring and texture." -Grace

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