Our beloved star, the sun For the week ending: 03 - 01 - 2009
Artist: Rogier
Title: Our beloved star, the sun
Judge's Comment: "For this weeks GGA, I've chosen Rogier's "our beloved star, the sun". There are many aspects in this draw that keep me coming back for another look; the overall color of amber and sienna are soothing and inviting and the darkness allows for the setting sun to scream out its light that bounces off the nearest clouds in it's way, then filters out to the rest of the cloudy sky. The reflecting light on the water keeps your eye from running off the canvas edge and the sun's position off to the left gives this piece a nice balance and a wonderful sense of depth as well. A painting that will continue to keep me returning for the sheer calm feeling that it gives me. Congratulations, Rogier!" - elly
Trinity light For the week ending: 27 - 12 - 2008
Artist: elly
Title: Trinity light
Judge's Comment: "I've chosen Elly's "Trinity Candles" picture for this week's GGA. The candles look so real, yet so painterly. The dark, dramatic composition provides a wonderful showplace for this delicate rendering. Each flame is brilliantly observed in color, shape and movement - and each seems so individual. It's been so cold here this week, but luckily I can warm myself by these flames. I can even peel the wax from each candle, if I get fidgety -- can't I? :)" - ptrice
Merry  Xmas & Happy Memories!:) For the week ending: 20 - 12 - 2008
Artist: ptrice
Title: Merry Xmas & Happy Memories!:)
Judge's Comment: "So many lovely and charming draws this week, but my pick for the GGA award is 'Merry Xmas & Happy Memories!' by ptrice; at first I thought it was an old black 'n white photo circa 1959 or '60, but was delighted to see it was one of Joyce's imaginative works, with fantastic details: The retro curtains, the boxy TV, the tree ... even the hairstyles. Fabulous! So congrats and Merry Christmas, Joyce!" - meno
Who Am I? For the week ending: 13 - 12 - 2008
Artist: Meno
Title: Who Am I?
Judge's Comment: "For this week's GGA I choose Meno's Odetta from the Who Am I studio. Meno has captured Odetta beautifully in this draw. The emotion of Odetta's song is illustrated so well in this painting. The softness and the lighting are two of my favorites from this portrait. The warm tones are soothing. Meno has formed her features well, I am especially drawn to her eyes and that wonderfully formed mouth, almost hearing the words being sung coming out of the portrait. Meno's soft style is very touching for this emotional piece. Bravo Meno!!" - qtgillie
Who am I? For the week ending: 06 - 12 - 2008
Artist: qtgillie
Title: Who am I?
Judge's Comment: "I think the "Who Am I" studio deserves an award this week with Charles Bronson drawn by qtgillie. This portrait of him is as if she had taken a photograph. The skin tones are just amazing, the lips, creases on the face and all of his features are so well placed. qtgillie is an amazing artist and she has outdone herself with this one. He looks amazing and for me, qtgillie deserves the award for the week. Congrats" - Maria
Cracker For the week ending: 29 - 11 - 2008
Title: Cracker
Judge's Comment: "I've chosen REECREATIVEDESIGNS' painting, Cracker. Suddenly emerging before you from the fog of a crisp cool morning, there stands Cracker, wonderfully detailed with color and texture, but not "fussy" and in that moment you feel, on seeing his strong yet delicate claws, his magnificently brushy tail and, most of all, that GLEAM in his eye, that you have been admitted for a moment into his secret world, a world in which he is a confident, explosive force with which to be reckoned. He - is - BEAUTIFUL!" - ptrice
I wish...I wish... For the week ending: 22 - 11 - 2008
Artist: ptrice
Title: I wish...I wish...
Judge's Comment: "My choice for the Golden Ginkgo Award is "I wish...I wish..." by ptrice. The accomplishment of executing the refelection from water and through glass on this little girls face is beautiful. I love that about this drawing so much. The expression on her face shows us that she is so interested in the behavior of the fish, yet the fish and water aren't the focus. I feel ptrice deserves the award for this beautiful drawing of hers." - REECREATIVEDESIGNS
Happy Holidays are on their way For the week ending: 15 - 11 - 2008
Title: Happy Holidays are on their way
Judge's Comment: "Ree consistantly shows us heart warming and touching scenes. They are always incredibally detailed, evoking emotional stories behind her work. Her compositions are intriguing and well thought out. Her use of colour and use of light enhances her drawings so well. This week's GGA is the beautiful "Happy Holidays are on their way". This painting is so delightful and warm. Every little section of the painting has a traditional detail that warms our hearts. Wonderful piece Ree!!" - qtgillie
No Title For the week ending: 08 - 11 - 2008
Artist: qtgillie
Title: No Title
Judge's Comment: "This week's GGA goes to qtgillie's , dancer. Even though this took much time, I think it is a gorgeous piece of freedom of thought laid down for us to enjoy. I think her brush work, while loose, defines the subject exactly and in the manner of the great impressionists! It also feels as if she has captured the dancer, in the moment... of adjusting her skirt, marking the choreography or waiting for her musical cue. Her brushwork is evident, the color luminous and the overall effect is beautiful. Well done, gillie, congratulations!" - Suntan
Blessed Be.. For the week ending: 01 - 11 - 2008
Artist: Suntan
Title: Blessed Be..
Judge's Comment: "I pick Suntan's "Blessed Be.." for this weeks GGA. I love the black and white graphic quality to this one. Fun and sexy at the same time. Linda always manages to draw something unique and fun. I think this was a cute vixen witch for Halloween - great expression and pose. Congrats!" - STARZSHINE

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